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Cat / Kitten litter

Cat litter is extremely dangerous & should never be used. Firstly, cat litter contains a lot of silica dust which is very toxic. Unlike cats who enter the litter pan to poop, pee & leave, cavies remain in the cage the whole day. Besides they are very short creatures so their noses are very close to the bedding. This means there is a very strong chance of them sniffing in silica dust. Also, cat litter contains clay which makes the pee clump together. Imagine if some of that is accidentally ingested or breathed in.

Imagine clumps forming inside your cavy. All types of cat litter should be avoided regardless of whether they're clay, clumping or crystal types. All are harmful! I've a list of links below for those of you who don't believe that cat litter is deadly. Pics used here are only for illustration & I'm not specifically targeting these brands.

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Fact Sheet on Silica Dust
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Toxic substances listing that includes silica dust (PDF document)

Some feel that cat litter is okay when used in a cage with plastic grid & removable tray. The idea is that the grid seperates the cavy from the cat litter. However it is still NOT safe & NOT recommended. This is 'cos cavies can still stick their noses through the grid's holes & may end up breathing in the silica dust from the cat litter. Also, vegetable stems may partially fall into the grid's holes. When the cavy pulls the stem out & eats it, it will be eating the cat litter. Even if you use a lot of hay or straw to cover cat litter, it still poses a threat 'cos cavied dig & can reach the cat litter!

The only types of cat litter safe for usage are those made from recycled newspaper e.g. Good Mews or kiln dried pine e.g. Feline Pine & those have also been featured on my site.

Dust from cat litter is toxic! Isn't this enough reason to avoid it??!!
Crystals/pearls stick to wet things including tongues & noses!
Clumping litter if ingested will form clumps inside cavy! Will need operation to remove!