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Comments about this site

The comments here are either a summary of emails that people have sent to me, or a summary of my guestbook's entries. Comments are arranged such that the latest are in the beginning.

26/3/2003 Guestbook entry
Hey great site here!! I am curretly considering getting 2 guinea pigs now. A good deal of information I could get from here! Keep up the gd work!

Emmanual Ricardo
25/3/2003 Guestbook entry
Thanks for the advice. Just saved 2 cavies from a shop and dunno much about cavy Fortunately found yourr site which have info more related to this part of the world. Excellent work.

19/3/2003 Via email
I've been to your website & I must say you really did a great job on it!! =) I guess you've received a lot of good comments on it. So keep it up and update cavy lovers with more information in future!

1/3/2003 Guestbook entry
He didn't leave any comments :-p

Janet Chan
2/1/2003 Via email
Excellent website - Very informative.

28/12/2002 Guestbook entry
Great piece of work there! Almost thought websites on guinea pigs in S'pore is extinct!

24/12/2002 Guestbook entry
Your site is great & is user-friendly. Awesome :-)

Yvonne Lauw
3/12/2002 Guestbook entry
She didn't leave any comments :-p

3/12/2002 Guestbook entry
Hello, I like your page! Good for a pet owner! Keep up the good work!

Andre Hillig, Webmaster of PG's GP
5/9/2002 Via email
I've been searching for sites in Singapore, so I found yours through a referrer to Peter's site and checked it out. Its nice to see such a detailed page, especially in SEA. I lived in KL for 8 years after Singapore and was appalled at how the animals were sold there in many Pet shops (not all), left with lousy slices of stale white bread as the main food supplement. Its really very sad how these animals have to suffer, however, with sites like yours out there, at least things are changing a little. See you around and keep up the good work!

Andre Hillig, Webmaster of PG's GP
4/9/2002 Guestbook entry
I think you are doing a great job with your guinea pig site in Singapore. I am half Singaporean myself and have lived there for over 15 years, and hope your site will encourage people down there and everywhere else (including vets) to properly care for their piggies! We will place a link to your site once we have published the links page!

Dawn Hromanik, Oxbow Hay
23/8/2002 Via email
I have put your website on the guinea pig links page for others to see. I think the product review section will be very helpful, especially the cage review. Thank you again for putting together such a informative web site, it is a wonderful addition to our links page.

16/6/2002 Guestbook entry
A very informative site, keep it up!

Chapter 2
11/6/2002 Guestbook entry
Hey, great site you have here. I just made a webpage for my piggies too. But it's just a simple one.

Eileen Xie
9/5/2002 Guestbook entry
Hi Derrick! Great website you have here. I just got my very first cavy that's 2.5mths this tuesday. Learned alot from your site on caring for one first before i brought mine home. Keep it up!

Charis Ng
27/4/2002 Guestbook entry
Hi there Derrick, thanks for the wonderful info on the guinea pigs! I just realised some stuff I've never known before! Keep up the good work! ;)

Karen Rivera
5/4/2002 Guestbook entry
You've done an excellent job setting up this site.

13/3/2002 Guestbook entry
Cool site, loved it like the updates!!

3/3/2002 Guestbook entry
Great site

Yazmin Aladynna
18/11/2001 Guestbook entry
Hi Derrick. I've been checking out your homepage ever since I got a cavy

Dorothy Toh
14/10/2001 Guestbook entry
Hi Derrick, your homepage is very nice and provide me and my bf with a lot of information :)

Yvonne Lau
13/10/2001 Guestbook entry
I get a lot of information & advice in here. They are really a great help for me. Thanks! Keep it up!

Tan Su-Lin
15/9/2001 Guestbook entry
Hi! Nice website! Visited it lots to read about piggies.

Melissa Loh
31/8/2001 Guestbook entry
Great website, Derrick! Keep up the fantastic work.