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Guidelines for usage of
Cyber Piggies forum

Discussions must be about guinea pigs & related topics e.g. bedding, vets, cages, etc. No other topics e.g. cars or dogs are allowed.
Discussions must be relevant to cavy owners in Singapore.
Racist, sexist & offensive remarks will not be tolerated.
Feel free to voice your disapproval but refrain from making personal attacks.
Vulgarities in any language are strictly prohibited.

Remember, we are all here to learn & give advice, not to start a war! All postings on this forum will be closely monitored by myself & my co-administrator Melissa. Anyone who posts irrelevant topics will be informed to please stop doing so. If he persists his posts will be deleted. If that still doesn't stop him, he will be banned from this board as a last resort. Any offensive posts will be deleted & the person banned immediately. The system logs IP addresses so in cases of vulgar or offensive posts, I may even forward the posting with the respective IP address to the respective ISP for them to take necessary action against you!

The 5 guidelines are fairly reasonable so please stick to them. I am not making life difficult. I just want to ensure this is a "proper" board since I've seen so many boards that start off on the topic & end up full of profanities & stuff. Not what we want!

If you have understood the above rules & agree to comply, please proceed to the discussion board.