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Pigtures Page 3

Now Oreo's eating hay while Fe Fe is lying down like a doggie again. She's the only cavy who lies down like that. Oreo & Teddy usually tuck their front legs under their bodies when lying down.

Oreo enjoying her Oxbow pellets. She has a bad habit of dropping pellets as she eats. The other 2 girls eat with their mouths over the trough so anything that drops isn't wasted.

I never quite understood why the furballs have to drink from such a wierd angle when there's more than enough space for them to drink from the front of the bottle.

I was quite suprised to see Oreo standing on her hind legs. Figured she was too old for that but I guess delicious hay will make any cavy stand!

Fe Fe is the cutest when she's standing on her hind legs. Its amazing how long these furballs can stretch their bodies.

Teddy engages in her favourite hobby (eating!) & a moment ago Oreo had her nose up Fe Fe's butt! Pity she moved away just as I took this photo or you'd have seen that gross act!!

Teddy uses this rock as a pillow the most often. Sometimes she lies with her head next to it, sometimes she rests her head on it. Guess it must be nice & cool!

They're so cute when they sleep in a row like that!

Teddy is always the first to charge into the house when its placed in the cage. For some reason she thinks the house belongs to her & never fails to chase Fe Fe out.

Teddy is so lazy she lies down to drink. And she spends a year at the bottle. Oreo is always very patient & waits behind whoever is drinking. You can see Fe Fe in the hut & she's eating her poop at this moment!

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