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Pigtures Page 4

8 in 1's Veggie Nut Treat is their favourite treat & they wheek like mad when I open the can. Oreo has her paws on the bowl waiting for her turn, while Fe Fe digs in.

Oreo loves to groom other cavies. In fact, she's the only one who bothers to groom others. Here she can be seen grooming Teddy. She will pull the ears & "bite" all over the body, seemingly picking at something. After a while she starts rubbing her nose (something probably got in!) & grooms herself!

Finally managed to catch Fe Fe on film while she's scratching. All of them have a dirty habit of biting their nails. After scratching themselves, they never fail to stick their claws into their mouth & chew it.

The furballs like to lick their toes too!

Teddy's eyes are most of the time widely opened when she sleeps. This pic nicely shows how the plastic grid seperates the cavies from their own pee & poop. All that disgusting stuff falls through the grid's holes & onto the litter in the removable tray below. The furballs remain nice & dry.

Stupid Teddy is always chasing people out of the hut so Fe Fe is lucky to be in there. In case you wondered what that box is doing on top of the hut, it is to prevent Teddy from jumping on the hut's roof. She did that before & when jumping off the roof she sprained her silly foot & was limping about for a week. So I place the box there so Teddy is unable to go on the hut's roof any more.

Fe Fe is the only one who sticks both her legs out like that when she sleeps. The rest usually stick one leg out at the most. But Fe Fe tends to stick both legs out for some reason. I enjoy tickling her foot when I see her sleeping like that!

Fe Fe may be the smallest of the three furballs, but as you can see from this picture, her body is pretty round! When she shortens her body like that, she really looks like a big fat mango!

The girls never fail to get super excited when its vegetable time in the morning. As I enter the room with the veg they start wheeking. They even climb up the sides of the cage. Oreo:"Wheek wheek, I smell something!".

Its carrots today & as I lower a piece, Teddy & Oreo get more excited & even try climbing out to get at it. Fe Fe being the biggest coward as usual, hides in the house.

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