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There is a significant amount of products sold in pet shops that do not come with English words on the packaging. This can lead to confusion or buying of unsuitable products. Hence I have started this page to provide some assistance. German (e.g. Gimborn, Bunny, Vitakraft) & French products seem the most common although there are Finnish products (e.g. Sluis) too. However my source of translation is unable to do Finnish so I can't feature Finnish translations here.

I do not know German or French & translations on my site were taken from this great site Raging Search - Babel Fish. I am unable to get a language expert to verify the translations on my site hence I do not claim any responsibilty for the accuracy of the translations. However I believe the translations are 90% accurate.

You might find it useful to print out the two pages of translations & bring it with you to the petshop. Sure beats scribbling the words on a notepad & then coming home to refer to this site!

French translation
German translation

If you would like to do some translation of your own, the following websites may come in useful. Just remember that the translations are not 100% accurate & sometimes certain words can not be translated for whatever reason.

Alta Vista - Babel Fish
Bowne Global Solutions iTranslator - Translator
EW Gate Translation
Google Language Tool