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Pigtures Page 1

Oreo was hiding under newspapers again & when I lifted it up to take her pic, I found her with her butt towards me & decided to snap one.

Here's another pic of Oreo, this time facing the camera. As with all cavies, Oreo's eyes become very big when suprised!

Here's the gang in all it's glory! Oreo, Teddy & Pikachu. They love making a tunnel with the newspapers & as usual, were hiding in their tunnel when I lifted the sides up & took the pic. Pikachu looks so similar to Teddy that I thought Teddy was his mother. But according to Melissa, Teddy is too young to conceive. And since Pikachu's always drinking milk from Oreo, I think we've confirmed who's mummy. I guess daddy must be an Agouti Abyssisnian like Teddy.

Obviously they weren't gonna keep still forever & here we see Teddy trying to hide behind Pikachu. Since Teddy's nose & butt are both white, I sometimes have difficulty figuring out which end is which from afar!

I was unable to zoom in as much as the previous time 'cos 3 of them are standing too far apart. This was as far in as I could zoom. If Oreo looks different its 'cos she just went for a hair cut on 7 May.

I decided to take one last photo of the gang before giving Pikachu away. From certain angles I must say Pikachu really looks like Teddy. That's an alfalfa block on the right & a stone on the left. Teddy loves using the stone as a pillow!

Here are my 2 furballs once again. Teddy is getting fatter everyday. Now she even topples over when she's scratches herself & loses balance!

I finally managed to take a pic of Teddy when she's asleep. She likes sleeping with her head near the pebble. In fact on several occassions I've found her with her head ON the pebble!

Here are the 3 girls together. Some say that Fe Fe looks like Oreo's daughter & I must say their colouring is pretty similar.

Oreo & Teddy are engaging in their favourite hobby (sleeping!) once again while Fe Fe is wide awake. She's quite new & still a bit jumpy therefore she'd wake up the minute anyone approaches unlike the other 2 fatsos! That brown thing in their food bowl is their wild berry yoghurt drops.

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