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Pigtures Page 2

For some reason the 3 gals really like this corner of the balcony. After running about they never fail to retreat to this corner.

I decided to take pics of them while they are enjoying themselves running around the balcony. Teddy is busy grooming herself while Fe Fe looks around curiously. I'm still trying to get a shot of one of them grooming her face by rubbing her nose with her paws. So cute!

The 3 furballs were running after each other along the wall & stopped just as I took the photo.

Oreo & Fe Fe enjoying what's left of a corn cob. For some reason they enjoy nibbling it even after the flesh is gone.

Now its Fe Fe's turn to groom herself!

Fe Fe has a rather unusual way of lying down. Oreo & Teddy never lie down in this way.

Teddy & Fe Fe engaging in a nose rubbing session while Oreo happily sniffs Fe Fe's butt!

Teddy discovers the camera while Oreo is happily following Fe Fe along the wall.

Fatso Teddy puts her left paw on the hay rack as she happily munches on the hay. I've seen 3 of them stand upright to eat the hay before & boy was it cute!

Fe Fe has the tendancy to either run to the corner or stick her butt towards whoever opens the cage door. Apparently timidness runs in the family & her sister is a bigger coward! Oreo is cautious but doesn't run, while Teddy continues sleeping & can't be bothered!

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