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Pigtures Page 5

They're so focused that Teddy even follows the direction which I move the carrot. Silly Fe Fe is still hiding & came out only when Oreo ran into the house with a carrot. After having her vegetables stolen from her before by Teddy, Oreo now grabs her veg & runs to a corner to eat it.

My furballs occasionally sleep in this wierd manner with both legs streched out. Teddy is "demonstrating" what I mean.

I thought Teddy was too fat to squeeze through that area but suprisingly she went through. Later she tried it again & I blocked the area. To my suprise she hoped over the "bar"! Looks like fatso can move after all!

Oreo's getting bathed now so Teddy & Fe Fe wait for their turn. They look so cute huddled together like that!

Teddy often lies down in what I call the "relaxed position". Whenever she lies down like this she will ocassionally tilt her head upwards as if she's staring at the sky. Pity I can't show it to you here.

Fe Fe usually sleeps with her eyes wide open. I rarely see her with her eyes closed or almost closed so I was lucky to have caught her here.

Sometimes they lie down in all sorts of wierd positions!

Treat time & as usual all 3 will fight to stick their head in the bowl. Oreo is drinking water & hence too far to be captured by the camera.

Oreo looks so cute when she rests her head like that. It makes her already big head look even bigger!

Teddy also seldom sleeps with her eyes closed, so I was lucky to catch her with her eyes shut here. Doesn't fatso look adorable?

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